End-User License Agreement

The end-user license agreement and condition to use Global Unlocker softwares:
By installing this Global Unlocker softwares you are agreed to all this listed terms at below:-
1- Your not allowed to use usb sharing or remote use softwares while using Global Unlocker
2- Your not allowed to use any kind of debugging or reverse engineering or any illegal activity.
3- We can take legal action on you or your company,Defined by U.S.A IT act.
4- If you use Global Unlocker softwares any function to make any illegal in repair or unlocking, you are responsible for such action and his consequences.
5- Please check your local legal rights to use of cell phone repair software, before installing or using Global Unlocker Software.
6- Global Unlocker software is signed by U.S.A company comodo code signing certificate any attempt to reverse engineer or debug or patching will allow us to sue you or your company.
7- Some of functions may not allowed in your country you are warned to not use such function,if you still use after agreed on you are responsible for such action and his consequences.
8- Global Unlocker software can be remotely locked & unlocked depending on reason.we reserve right to allow you unlock or not.
9- You must use latest version of Global Unlocker only. If you keeping any OLD version of Global Unlocker is not allowed.
10- You muse use Global Unlocker software as it is.
Global Unlocker team all rights reserveĀ©
Best Regards
Global Unlocker Team.